Saturday, July 07, 2007

Keep In Touch, Darn It!

It's Saturday afternoon and the air conditioners are keeping the condo nice. Keelie is screaming herself hoarse unless she is attached to her mother, eating or not. She also tends to like it when "new" people hold her. She likes to make a good first impression.

We still haven't settled in to a "new normal" yet.

In case you didn't know, you can see the latest pictures of Keelie and keep up with what we're up to over here at our "family" blog.

Anyway, the title of this entry was inspired by a former coworker who left an comment on the other blog. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I have his e-mail address. I'm not too hard to find if you know how to use a search feature. My name is not all that common. Oh, there are other guys out there with the name "Ken Pellman", but I'm not into the Amish lifestyle, eastern music, or lumber, so it really isn't all that hard to find ME. I'm the guy who has been a Public Information Officer for the County of Los Angeles for many years now, worked as a Disneyland cast member for "a long time", grew up in South Pasadena, California, graduated from Cal State Fullerton, is a "Weird Al" Yankovic fan, writes for, blogs on, follows most things Disney, and has long had a serious interest in theme park design. I like to make funny voices and even impersonations. I got married in December 2004 and we just had our first baby.

That's me. So, if it isn't clear that I have your current e-mail address, please give it to me - sfh[at]flash[dot]net. That is, unless you don't care to hear from me. If I don't have your e-mail address, I can't thank you for your nice comments. And please keep me updated on what you're up to. We're homebodies and we have a newborn, so it isn't like we're getting out and about a lot.

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