Saturday, July 21, 2007

I Was Quoted

Although I'm not being quoted as often as I was when I was with Public Works, it still happens from time to time.

This time, I'm quoted in the Capital Press in a piece by Elizabeth Larson and Bob Krauter.

Southern California agricultural officials are on high alert after the discovery of a light brown apple moth in the northwest area of Los Angeles County.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture confirmed the L.A. find Monday and also the discovery of the moth in Solano County, bringing to 11
the total number of counties where the pest has been found.

Ken Pellman, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County agricultural commissioner, said the single moth was picked up in a trap June 28 in Sherman Oaks.

"We're hoping that this was a one and only. We have traps out everywhere and we hope this is not indicative of an on-going problem," Pellman said.

County officials have placed an additional 25 traps per square mile in a nine-mile radius around the Sherman Oaks discovery to determine if more moths are in the area.

The Sherman Oaks find marks the first discovery in Southern California. The invasive pest, which damages hundreds of plants and fruits, had most recently been found in Napa County at the start of May. State agricultural officials reported that a single moth was trapped recently in Vallejo in Solano County. As of Wednesday, no additional moths had been discovered.

This is a foreign pest that destroys a wide range of crops and ornamental plants. We don't want it to get a foothold in the County of Los Angeles.

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