Friday, July 28, 2006

I Was Quoted

Builders Allowed to Start Water, Work Flowing Again
By ALISHA SEMCHUCK - Antelope Valley Press Staff Writer

>>Suspension of construction water resulted from a severe decline in District 40's storage tanks. Ken Pellman, a spokesman for Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, said the district has 40 water storage tanks throughout its service area, which can hold a total water capacity of 45 million gallons.
Though the storage tanks weren't overflowing at full capacity, Pellman said District 40 deemed it safe to furnish water to developers at this time.

"We were waiting for (the tanks) to get to 60% or 70%," Pellman said, meaning at least 27 million gallons of water was replaced. "We were satisfied with that. So we restored construction water."
"We still ask people to conserve," Pellman said. "Sensible conservation really won't take much effort.

"We're trying to keep service levels functioning properly. We don't want (water) pressure to be lost. If need be, (construction gets) turned off. Our priority is to serve existing residents and businesses."

L.A. Water Works urged Antelope Valley residents to conserve water in a news release issued July 12, around the same time developers were asked to find an alternate water source.

"It's not an ideal situation," Pellman said. "We don't want to interrupt construction. At the same time, we want to ensure that people have water to drink, and for their other needs."<<

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Another Send-Off

My friend Marina has left the office for another corner of the County. We had her Happy Hour after work today. She's going to be missed!


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Guess What? I Was Quoted Yet Again

County Overhaul of Trash Service Could Boost Costs
By Jennifer McLain - San Gabriel Valley Tribune Staff Writer

>>For the county, this allows it to deliver more uniformed services to its residents, plus reduce the amount of haulers that currently drive through the streets, said Ken Pellman, public information officer for the department of public works.
"The county is currently reviewing the proposals. The proposals are evaluated on the basis on seven criteria including price. The waste hauler who scores the highest will be awarded the contract subject to the Board of Supervisors approval," Pellman said.
"Cost of trash services may or may not go up," Pellman said. "The franchise agreement has provisions that controls rate increases."

A request for proposal is also being developed for other communities such as Hacienda Heights.

"We will be doing this for the different coverage areas we serve in the county," Pellman said.<<

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I Was Quoted Again

It's Crunch Time For AV Water Users
By ALISHA SEMCHUCK - Antelope Valley Press Staff Writer

>>"We had people working on (interconnections) around the clock," said Ken Pellman, a spokesman for the Department of Public Works.

"It's now operational," he said Thursday, though developers were still left dry.
"These days, with that hot weather, we've had demand as high as 90 million gallons per day," Pellman said. "That's our absolute peak. Summer usage is three times as high as winter. In winter, we might use 25 million gallons per day."
Pellman said between AVEK and District 40's wells, they should have about 75 million gallons of water per day. Yet, AVEK is grappling with its own issues right now.
Meanwhile, Pellman said, although they would like the storage tanks to reach 100% capacity - a combined total of 45 million gallons - right now they would settle for somewhere between 60% and 70%, a minimum of 27 million gallons, in order to "reinstate construction use."<<

She did a lot of research on this article.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I Was Quoted

In three recent newspaper articles:

'This is not a used car lot'
For-sale vehicles provoke resident backlash
Ruby Gonzales Staff Writer - San Gabriel Valley Tribune

>>COVINA - Shadydale Avenue residents are fuming because a nearby street corner has become a mini car lot for people who sell used vehicles.
Two residents have collected signatures from 78 percent of homeowners who want parking restricted, said Ken Pellman, county Department of Public Works spokesman.

He said the proposed parking ban will come before the county Board of Supervisors on Aug. 1.

He said the county received complaints from two residents in April or May.<<

Major Road in Val Verde Set for an Upgrade
By Kristopher Daams - Signal Staff Writer

>>County public works officials originally intended to reconstruct a section of deteriorated pavement in June on San Martinez between Neuraschel Street and Parker Avenue near Val Verde Park.

"We've held off for the sake of a more permanent solution," said Ken Pellman, spokesman for the county's Public Works Department. "The potholes along this roadway are largely due to spring water flows from Val Verde Road, so we're now looking at extending the storm drain in San Martinez."

"It's something our crews could easily see for themselves," Pellman said about the large collections of water that would accumulate during rainy seasons.
The project should be completed by early fall 2007.

"In the meantime, we have been doing repairs to specific spots on the road since we wouldn't be reconstructing the entire stretch until after the storm drain work," Pellman said.<<

Local Activist Wants County to See the Light
By Kristopher Daams - Signal Staff Writer

>>Another traffic study of the same intersection is set for September and the results will be looked at by the same officials the following month, said the department's spokesman Ken Pellman.<<

My Latest DVD Reviews Now Online

Go to to read my reviews of "Jeff Lange Remembers Disneyland's 40th Anniversary" and "Jeff Lange Remembers Disneyland's 40th Birthday", two fan-created DVDs.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

KB Home Wants of Slower Sales

KB Home Warns of Slower Sales as Inventory Grows
From the Associated Press - Los Angeles Times

It's still not too late to reverse the bad news trends by hiring a certain job candidate.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Jackpot-Winning Ticket Sold in South Pasadena

Pasadena Star-News - $110 Million Jackpot
Lotto lowdown: $550,000 to merchant, but where's the winner?
By Cortney Fielding Staff Writer

>>It was California's largest jackpot in four years and the sixth highest in state history.

The numbers drawn were 2, 9, 12, 20, 34 and Mega number 16.

Until Wednesday night, no one had won the top prize in the twice-weekly game in 23 rounds, setting a new state record.

Standing behind the counter of Foremost Liquor Market as reporters peppered him with questions, Sidhu was all smiles.
Sidhu has owned the store for three years; it's been in the neighborhood for three decades.<<

I really hope the winner is a resident of my hometown.

>>If the ticket holder chooses annual payments, they will begin at $2.75 million and graduate to more than $5.6 million by the 26th year, before taxes.

If the cash option is chosen, the winner will receive a lump sum of roughly half the jackpot amount, or about $57 million, according to Lottery officials.<<

Yeah, but what will it be after taxes? $30 million? Peanuts!

Happy Ending After a Vicious Murder

A Love Lost 'A Lifetime Ago'
Kristin Burt's husband was gunned down 10 years ago this month in Fullerton. Since his death, she's given birth to his son, raised him alone, and worked hard to find a new best friend.
By NANCY LUNA - The Orange County Register

>>A few years ago, an allergy attack left Kristin Burt gasping for breath, her face swollen.

She called for an ambulance. Then, during the ride to the hospital, it happened.

The paramedic stared at her. "Kristin Burt. Kristin Burt," he chanted, trying to make the connection.

Burt calls it the JFK syndrome - the moment when her name or face (even her face bloated by an allergy attack) becomes unmistakably familiar to strangers. The medic finally remembered she was married to Don Burt, a rookie CHP officer gunned down 10 years ago this month in Fullerton. Kristin Burt was seven months pregnant at the time of the killing, which made headlines for weeks.<<

I was living literally across the screet from the murder scene. I remember that evening... I was on the phone, talking to a friend, and I heard a series of pops. I joked about it being gunshots and the neighborhood going down the tubes, but I figured it was fireworks.

And then I heard sirens.

And more sirens.

And more sirens.

I finally went outside to see more black & whites in one place than I'd ever seen before, and I watched as an ambulance passed by, carrying Officer Burt.

>>He was shot in the head and neck by gang leader Hung Thanh Mai after a traffic stop. Mai was sentenced to death four years later.<<

Too bad he'll probably live a long life in prison and die of natural causes.

>>Then, when she wasn't looking, she met Aussie-born Russell Cooper. The two were attending a gathering of mutual friends at TAPS Fish House & Brewery in Brea in early 2001.
After hours of talking, the strangers didn't seem so strange. Both were adopted. Both were born in 1967. Both were single with one child. His daughter was Emma, the name she had wanted for Cameron if he had been a girl. And both were tired of "going nowhere" relationships.
Recently, Burt gave Cameron a quilt of his dad's clothes - square patches pieced together of Don Burt's favorite plaid shorts, shirts and wool CHP uniform. Burt also gave her son his father's old hairbrush and watch. He clings to each memento - treasures of a father he's now getting to know.

On Feb. 1, 2003, Kristin Burt and Russell Cooper married at TAPS in front of 40 friends.<<

It's a great story. Check it out. I'm so glad things are turning out well for her and her child. Officer Burt gave his life protecting a stretch of freeway I still use all of the time, and I'm glad his murder hasn't murdered the souls of the family he left behind. Russell Cooper sounds like a good guy.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Being the Guy = Exterminator

I don't know if it is the hot weather, or what, but we're getting a lot of insects and bugs and the like. There was an ant trail outside by the front door. I slew a couple of large spiders in the bathroom. There have been little flying bugs, I think originally attracted by bananas. Yesterday, I came home, my lovely wife greeted me at the door, and then she exlcaimed that a wasp or some similar stinging flying thing was in the corner of the doorway, building what must be a nest. Looks like something that Shelby could have squeezed out in the backyard. This nest, or whatever it was, was between our screen door and our regular door. Clearly, the screen door is more for security purposes than to keep the critters out.

Being the guy, it is apparently my job to slay these foul crawlies, or otherwise get rid of them.

Ahhh, the joys of being male.