My Career: Writer and Voice Talent For Hire

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I Am a Writer

Experience: Speeches, talking points, media releases, media advisories, executive communications, public notices, reports, analysis & commentary, features, newsletter articles, media & event reviews, essays, columns, blogging, show writing, screenwriting, prose, comedy.

Some people think of writing as a chore. I, however, love to write.

Writing is a constant part of my job at work. I also write at home

As for fiction, I write prose, screenplays, and any kind of thematic entertainment writing (show writing). I did concept and character development for a now-defunct interactive game and attraction design firm and continue to work on my own projects. Drama, comedy, satire, parody - I'm versatile, and I'm always looking for more projects.

I Am a Public Affairs & Public Relations Specialist

Experience: Spokesman, speechwriting, press conferences, media releases, media advisories, public notices, writing/soliciting & editing newsletter articles, live and recorded media appearances, media relations (broadcast, print, online), publicity, corporate relations, executive communications, employee communications, employee participation programs, community relations, customer relations, public outreach & education, local government, Public Information Officer, emergency public information, crisis communications, disaster and business continuity planning, public speaking, event planning/hosting, tour hosting.

I have over eleven years of experience as a Public Information Officer.

I am currently building a Public Information Office for a County of Los Angeles Department that works closely with state and national agencies. Areas of concentration include environmental protection, consumer protection, laboratory services, and technical services.

For over six years years, I was a member of the public relations staff for a 3600 employee organization responsible for the research, conception, design, engineering, construction, operation, and scheduled & emergency maintenance of a variety of major facilities and systems serving millions of customers on a daily basis. Areas of concentration included local government, land development, transportation, environmental conservation, infrastructure, water management issues, and disasters.

Prior to that position, I wrote publicity materials for a startup location-based & interactive entertainment design firm.

I Am a Voice Talent

Experience: Announcing, live and recorded interviews for radio broadcast, narration, character recording.

I perform "serious announcer" voices, characters, and impersonations

I Write & Design Location-Based Entertainment

Experience: Writing and design for a start-up design firm, interning for a large independent consulting/design firm, fifteen years of experience in operations at Disneyland Park.

In addition to writing and designing location-based entertainment (theme park attractions, retail, dining, etc.), I have extensive knowledge of operational procedures for such venues, including crowd flow and customer relations. I have a BA in Thematic Environmental Design, with an emphasis on show writing. | kpellman[at]flash[dot]net | Updated 6/8/2011 | ©1998-2004, 2006-2007, 2011 Ken Pellman, all rights reserved | - My Career: Writer and Voice Talent For Hire