Friday, July 28, 2006

I Was Quoted

Builders Allowed to Start Water, Work Flowing Again
By ALISHA SEMCHUCK - Antelope Valley Press Staff Writer

>>Suspension of construction water resulted from a severe decline in District 40's storage tanks. Ken Pellman, a spokesman for Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, said the district has 40 water storage tanks throughout its service area, which can hold a total water capacity of 45 million gallons.
Though the storage tanks weren't overflowing at full capacity, Pellman said District 40 deemed it safe to furnish water to developers at this time.

"We were waiting for (the tanks) to get to 60% or 70%," Pellman said, meaning at least 27 million gallons of water was replaced. "We were satisfied with that. So we restored construction water."
"We still ask people to conserve," Pellman said. "Sensible conservation really won't take much effort.

"We're trying to keep service levels functioning properly. We don't want (water) pressure to be lost. If need be, (construction gets) turned off. Our priority is to serve existing residents and businesses."

L.A. Water Works urged Antelope Valley residents to conserve water in a news release issued July 12, around the same time developers were asked to find an alternate water source.

"It's not an ideal situation," Pellman said. "We don't want to interrupt construction. At the same time, we want to ensure that people have water to drink, and for their other needs."<<

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