Thursday, July 06, 2006

Being the Guy = Exterminator

I don't know if it is the hot weather, or what, but we're getting a lot of insects and bugs and the like. There was an ant trail outside by the front door. I slew a couple of large spiders in the bathroom. There have been little flying bugs, I think originally attracted by bananas. Yesterday, I came home, my lovely wife greeted me at the door, and then she exlcaimed that a wasp or some similar stinging flying thing was in the corner of the doorway, building what must be a nest. Looks like something that Shelby could have squeezed out in the backyard. This nest, or whatever it was, was between our screen door and our regular door. Clearly, the screen door is more for security purposes than to keep the critters out.

Being the guy, it is apparently my job to slay these foul crawlies, or otherwise get rid of them.

Ahhh, the joys of being male.


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