Thursday, July 13, 2006

I Was Quoted

In three recent newspaper articles:

'This is not a used car lot'
For-sale vehicles provoke resident backlash
Ruby Gonzales Staff Writer - San Gabriel Valley Tribune

>>COVINA - Shadydale Avenue residents are fuming because a nearby street corner has become a mini car lot for people who sell used vehicles.
Two residents have collected signatures from 78 percent of homeowners who want parking restricted, said Ken Pellman, county Department of Public Works spokesman.

He said the proposed parking ban will come before the county Board of Supervisors on Aug. 1.

He said the county received complaints from two residents in April or May.<<

Major Road in Val Verde Set for an Upgrade
By Kristopher Daams - Signal Staff Writer

>>County public works officials originally intended to reconstruct a section of deteriorated pavement in June on San Martinez between Neuraschel Street and Parker Avenue near Val Verde Park.

"We've held off for the sake of a more permanent solution," said Ken Pellman, spokesman for the county's Public Works Department. "The potholes along this roadway are largely due to spring water flows from Val Verde Road, so we're now looking at extending the storm drain in San Martinez."

"It's something our crews could easily see for themselves," Pellman said about the large collections of water that would accumulate during rainy seasons.
The project should be completed by early fall 2007.

"In the meantime, we have been doing repairs to specific spots on the road since we wouldn't be reconstructing the entire stretch until after the storm drain work," Pellman said.<<

Local Activist Wants County to See the Light
By Kristopher Daams - Signal Staff Writer

>>Another traffic study of the same intersection is set for September and the results will be looked at by the same officials the following month, said the department's spokesman Ken Pellman.<<

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