Sunday, April 23, 2006

Mail From the Mouse

Stuff like this postcard I got in the mail makes me scratch my head. I never wanted to stop being a Disneyland Cast Member in the first place. It was an extra job for me. I did it for the fun of it. Since I wasn't relying on it for income, it wasn't stressful for me. I enjoyed interacting with the guests, and passing along traditions to those working with me who hadn't been there as along as I had.

For many years, I got away with working Saturday, Sunday, and holidays (and Fridays, if needed), even though everyone was officially required to be available work full time in the summer season, the winter holiday season, and spring break. I think Cast Scheduling's definitions of those seasons are now as follows:

Summer: Sometime in May to sometime in September
Winter Holidays: The weeks containing Christmas Day and New Years Day, and a week before or after that block.
Spring Break: Three of four weeks.

Never mind that college students would have classes much of that time, even if they didn't take any summer courses. And, of course, a great many cast members have at least one other job.

But after years of "getting away" with working only my days off from my "real" job, the demand came down that I (and others like me) work as cast members 5+ days a week in the summer. Considering my "real" job paid me considerably more, the choice was easy enough to keep my real job and be forced out of my term as a Disneyland Cast Member.

Now, as the summer season approaches again, I get this invitation to apply to come back... with no seniority or any of the things I had grandfathered into my routine there... like having my own costume locker.

Is Casting hoping that I've lost my "real" job and have been unable to find a comperable position elsewhere? I mean, unless they are now willing to let me stick to working weekends through the summer, what would be the point of me calling that hotline?

As the postcard says, the perks are pretty sweet if you or your family are into Disney or the Disneyland Resort. Of course, if you worked for In-n-Out Burger, you could be doing the same kind of work and the difference in pay could more than cover the costs of buying yourself an Annual Pass, admission for friends, and the regular (instead of discounted) merchandise and food prices. Still, if you're really interested in being a Disneyland Cast Member, read this first before you call that hotline, and go for it! There's no place like it.

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