Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ken Quoted

Flooded Road Reopens to Public
Official says there’s no timeline for permanent bridge.
Kristopher Daams / Signal Staff Writer

>>"This was the most challenging effort resulting from last year’s storms for this area," said Ken Pellman, the spokesman for the county’s Department of Public Works.

While the road was under repair, a pilot car would have to escort a dozen or so other vehicles at slow speeds through the road during rush hour because a portion of it ran on a bridge with only one lane.

"It was just to get these people through who depended on that road for their commute, because otherwise they would have quite a detour and that would have increased traffic on other roads," Pellman said. "This is an important link between Santa Clarita and the Antelope Valley."

A two-lane temporary bridge was completed and opened March 15, Pellman said, and the road had to be completely shut down for two weeks during its construction.

"The road is done until we go and build the permanent bridge, which we don’t have on a hard timeline yet," Pellman said.
Pellman said he expects traffic to be able to flow on San Francisquito Road during most of the construction of the permanent bridge.

"The important thing is that we wanted to get two-lane traffic," Pellman said.<<

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