Sunday, March 12, 2006

Where We Get Some of Our Place Names

Founding Families of South Bay Left Their Mark on History
The legacy of the Carson, Del Amo, Dominguez and Sepulveda names extends beyond road maps.
By Stephanie Walton
Daily Breeze -

This kind of local history fascinates me. I strongly suggest clicking on the link and reading the full story.

>>Dominguez: Juan Jose Dominguez received the 75,000-acre Rancho San Pedro land grant in the 1780s in appreciation for many years of military service to the Spanish crown, according to The Rancho San Pedro by Robert Cameron Gillingham. The sweep of the grant extended from western Long Beach to Redondo Beach.
Del Amo: Dr. Gregorio Del Amo became part of South Bay history when he married Susana Dominguez, whose inheritance included a parcel of land in the heart of present-day Torrance, where Del Amo Fashion Center and Del Amo Financial Center now stand. Oil was later discovered on their land.
Carson: George Henry Carson's influence on the local lexicon also came through marriage to one of Don Manuel's daughters, Maria Victoria.
Sepulveda: Juan Jose Dominguez's executor, Manuel Gutierrez, moved onto the ranch after Dominguez's death and allowed the family of Don Jose Sepulveda to graze cattle and build a family home on the Los Palos Verdes portion.

Sepulveda refused to leave although ordered to do so by Spanish authorities in 1822 and died in 1824 during an Indian attack at Mission La Purísima Concepción.<<

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