Friday, February 16, 2007

Notable Car Accident in Our Neck of the Woods

This happened on a ramp Kori and I take about once a week. There is supposed to be video here, but it never started on my screen.
A mother died but her 10-month-old boy strapped into the rear seat of the car survived Thursday when the vehicle flew off the Riverside (91) Freeway before it plunged nearly 100 feet, officers said.

Natalie Cantón, 21, of Chino died at the scene. Her baby, Aiden Koch, secured in a rear-facing car seat, survived virtually unharmed, California Highway Patrol officers reported.
It's sad, but at least the child wasn't physically harmed.
At 2:06 p.m., CHP dispatchers got a call about a single-car crash.

Officers said Cantón drove a black Acura Integra about 80 mph on the fly-over carpool lane on the eastbound 91 Freeway to the northbound Orange (57) Freeway. For unclear reasons, she stepped on the brake and lost control of the car before it went airborne to the right side of the road, officers said.
You do get very high off the ground on this transition.

Hink said the car seat most likely saved the child's life.

"Car safety seats are made for high-impact crashes," Hink said. "When the seat is secured correctly, the car seat becomes a part of the car. The child cannot move."

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