Thursday, June 08, 2006

I Was Quoted

Park Coming After 12-Year Wait
BY EUGENE TONG, Staff Writer
Los Angeles Daily News

>>The board is expected on Tuesday to vote on the Pacific Crest Park project, which would install $843,000 worth of lawn, trees, parking and other improvements to the lot next to Mountainview Elementary School in the 22200 block of West Cypress Place, where officials promised a park a decade ago.
"It's a good sign when you see us requesting bids from contractors," said Ken Pellman, spokesman for the county Department of Public Works, which is heading the construction.
Officials said it took time to raise the required funds from park fees paid for by developers. According to county Public Works, the county only completed acquisition of the park site in March 2000 from Pacific Bay Homes, which built the surrounding subdivision.
The proposed park's features are less than those of parks operated by the city of Santa Clarita, which include swing sets and even wireless Internet access. But Pellman said the county could improve the park later.

"There's always a possibility we will go back and do more to it," he said. "Improving parks is what we do. But we're working for county (Department of Parks and Recreation). It will be up to them."<<

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