Friday, May 05, 2006

The Mouse Needs People

Disneyland Resort Goes Intern-Shopping
The park's ever-growing staff needs have inspired a new program that awards college credit. The low-paying service industry is competitive.
By Dave McKibben - Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
May 5, 2006

They'll do anything to avoid raising wages, because the costs of employees rise a lot more than just the pay, when you factor in all of the other costs employers have when they employ someone.

>>Faced with the perennial challenge of filling about 4,000 jobs for its busiest season, the Anaheim theme park has turned to a staple of white-collar industry — the summer internship — to lure young people such as Rook amid stiff competition from other low-paying service jobs.<<

And yet I had to quit because working Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and any holidays all summer was not enough for them. They'd rather have people like me 0 days a week instead of 3. That makes sense, right? The low pay was not a hinderance to me, because this was a job I had on the side just for fun.

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